Here at the Wall – Berlin

9th May 2008 Ok what the hell do I do with 12 hours in Berlin! I actually opted to do […]

Flamenco! – Barcelona

6th May 2008 I woke up on my first day in Barcelona at 10am, still on Moroccan time and having […]

Day tripper – Wiesbaden

25th April 2008 Today after a lot of farting around in Frankfurt this morning I went off to see Wiesbaden. […]

Pretty little town – Heidelberg

24th April 2008 Today I decided to attempt to visit Heidelberg. I managed to get on the train which cost […]

Friends in strange places – Frankfurt

23rd April 2008 Today, after surviving my first night in a dorm, I spent the hanging around Frankfurt. I got […]

Guten Tag! – Frankfurt

22nd April 2008 This morning I was up at the crack of dawn to get to Heathrow airport by 11:50am. […]

Pubs & Colleges – Cambridge

19th April 2008 This weekend, I had a visit from Alex, straight from London. She got here about 2pm and […]

Museums & Monuments – London

10th April 2008 I got up early today and took myself off to London. I can’t believe it cost me […]

My little town – Huntingdon

1st April 2008 I’ve now been in the UK almost a week and not too much to report. I arrived […]

Island of the Crusaders – Rhodes

3rd July 2006 I woke up the next day and had a little sleep in and washed my clothes, in […]