Island of the Crusaders – Rhodes

3rd July 2006 I woke up the next day and had a little sleep in and washed my clothes, in […]

The Royal Tour – Phaestos

2nd July 2006 The next morning, I woke up and consulted my trusty guide book trying to finds somewhere to […]

The day of the Double Axe – Malia

1st July 2006 Today I bought a coach ticket to Malia, which was quite reasonable, five Euros I think return. […]

Creative Archaeology – Knossos

1st July 2006 I awoke early the next day, I only had two days to explore Crete the largest Island […]

Red Hot Temper – Santorini

29th June 2006 As I arrived in the Calderra of Santorini this afternoon, after my escape from Mykonos, I was […]

Going somewhere, and then nowhere – Delos

27th June 2006 I went down to the jetty the next day and re purchased my boat tickets to Delos. […]

Ticket to Paradise – Paradise Beach

27th June 2006 I had a much-needed sleep in as I was on my own time and then went down […]

Island Chaos – Mykonos

26th June 2006 The next morning, I awoke and got up to go to the loo, while in the loo […]

Siren on the Rocks – Aegina

25th June 2006 This morning I got up extra early for the three-island cruise. I was taken down to the […]