Middle East

A very special part of the world, steeped in myth and legend. A place of lost cities, sand dunes and epic adventures.


A place that is very special to me and a place I’ll always return to. Egypt was my first non-English speaking country and I studied it’s ancient history at university. It is a place, not only of archaeological wonders, but of hidden treasures, friendly people and a place where you can still have one hell of an adventure.

Israel & Jordan

I’ve only made flying visits to both of these wonderful places, but from what I’ve seen, they’re worth a lot more time.


Rock the kasbah! Colourful, crazy and chaotic another place I’m just dying to get back to!


I only ever intended to visit Troy, one of three bronze age sites on which I based my trip around the Aegean. Little did I know I would end up living there and ALWAYS calling it home.