A simple request – Marrakesh

4th May 2008

Wow! I only wanted to borrow a screwdriver!

 I got up in my dorm full of people this morning and went out for a walk, my broken camera was still niggling at me and determined to fix it I went back to the riad. I went into the office and asked Abdess in there for a screwdriver. He didn´t have one but proceeded to unscrew my camera with his pocket knife. We were trying to fix it for hours and we both ended up laughing at each other, I got my Mp3 player and stole some of his music, and gave him all of mine. I had been desperate for some new tunes, 400 songs seems like a lot but you get pretty sick of the same 400 songs when you on the road as much as I am these days.

The camera eventually drove both of us to distraction and we ended up smoking cigars and drinking. I ended up in there all day. At about 6pm the two American girls who had been sharing the room with the Spanish Inquisition and I returned from the desert and joined us. Abdess had invited me to his house to meet his family and have dinner. He also invited Sadie and Jennifer, which made me comfortable enough to go along with it. The three of us got changed and set off at about 8 :30pm.

Adbess, Jennifer and I got in a cab, and we goaded Sadie into getting on the back of a moto with the hotel director, she was petrified. I told her there was nothing to worry about, I´d done it on the first day in Marrakech with a total random, through the medina, not on the nice new streets of the city. She thought I was crazy, which made Abdess laugh as he has already been calling me crazy girl all afternoon. I don´t think he had ever heard Disturbed or Rage Against the Machine Before (Crazy people music as he called it).

The gang at Abdes' place, Marrakesh
The gang at Abdes’ place

We got to his house and met his family, the house was so ornate, with beautiful tiles everywhere. We met his little sister who was very cute and very cheeky. His mother made us the most amazing Cous Cous, which probably tasted better to me anyway as I had not eaten anything for about two days. After dinner, we all went in his room and listened to music, I think he was starting to get a bit fresh with Jennifer at the time. We then walked over to the directors’ house for drinks, escorted by Abdess and his brother as it was about midnight by this time. We got there and Abdess got really drunk and I had some Moroccan beer, which was surprisingly really nice.

We got Abdess to take us back to the riad, this time Jennifer went on the moto, with the director and I got in the back of the cab and Sadie and Abdess got in the front, where he started getting fresh with her, including asking her to marry him. Which made me laugh. He tried it on with me a few times, but I think he knew he wasn´t going to get anywhere with me. I´ve been in these places long enough to know how to maintain my personal space. We got back to the riad and hung around outside waiting to be let in for ages and finally got in and woke up the Spanish Inquisition at about 3am.

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