Meet the new guide – Pergamon

11th May 2008 Today we got up really early at hotel crowded house and crossed the Dardanelles to Troy. It […]

The mother hen – Marrakesh

5th May 2008 Today, Sadie, Jennifer and I decided to go to Djeema al Fna’a. Abdess was supposed to take […]

A simple request – Marrakesh

4th May 2008 Wow! I only wanted to borrow a screwdriver!  I got up in my dorm full of people […]

Black Magic – Marrakesh

3rd May 2008 Today really went and made a liar out of me. I had a really good day. I […]

The Spanish Inquisition – Marrakesh

2nd May 2008 Yesterday I got up really early in Casablanca, I wanted to get out of there. I didn’t […]

The last outpost – Rabat

1st May 2008 Woo Hoo!I finally got to see some ruins today ! Ok I’ll calm down and tell everyone […]

Quite frankly, my dear I don’t give a damn… (Seriously) – Casablanca

30th April 2008 What is it about the names of places like Rome, Alexandria and….Casablanca, that invoke connotations of romance […]

Rock the Kasbah! – Fez

28th April 2008 Today in Fez, would have to have been one of the best days of my entire trip. […]

Anonymous lost – Fez

27th April 2008 I’ve arrived in Fez Morocco, the oldest inhabited walled medieval city in the Arab world, and it’s […]

A familiar face – Coptic Cairo

24th March 2008 Today I met up with Alex, my Uni friend from Oz outside the Cairo Museum. She met […]