Meet the new guide – Pergamon

11th May 2008 Today we got up really early at hotel crowded house and crossed the Dardanelles to Troy. It […]

Holy Wisdom – Istanbul

8th July 2006 I had a good sleep and was picked up the next day at 8:30am for my tour […]

A friendly country – Gallipoli

7th July 2006 ANZAC cove was our next stop the next day, we were woken at 5am and had a […]

The vastness of eternity – Troy

6th July 2006 I was there and I could hear it echoing into eternity, the sound of glory. All those […]

Ancient Insanity – Pergamon

6th July 2006 My head no sooner touched the pillow then the phone was ringing at 5:30am for my early […]

A “visit to the library” & a night to remember – Ephesus

5th July 2006 The next day we didn’t get up really early, which was a nice change and a relief […]

Ghost Cities – Pamukkale

4th July 2006 We got up the next day and drove to the ancient city of Herapolis. It was a […]

The deceptive first impression – Marmaris

3rd July 2006 Before I left home, I told people I was going to Turkey alone and not one person […]