Let’s just get there? – Köyceğiz

13th June 2008

Kristina’s Highway to Hell Tour – Day 3

Well hell was definitely what I was in today. I woke up and went downstairs early with Bridge, I met my new driver, Mostafa, who unlike Orhan my old driver spoke no English at all. This isn’t an odd thing with my job, so I wasn’t too worried. I set off with my two passengers and the guy attempts to drive right past our first stop, the leather shop, I make him turn around and go back, he gets cranky, but I ignore him. Me and my two passengers have the whole leather fashion show just for us and then take off.

Next we are supposed to go and see a Turkish Ceramics demonstration, I give the driver the business card with the address on it and he drives right past and will not turn around. The passengers don’t really care, but I still have to ring the office and let them know what has happened.

Next dilemma, he obviously hasn’t read his petrol stop list as he sails through our petrol point and lunch stop….it is only about 11am at this point and thank god no one is hungry. However, it is a stiflingly hot day and the air con on the bus is broken! We drive all the way to Köyceğiz and I call the office and have Kadir, my favourite driver explain to him that he must stop at the waterfall for a swim stop and how to get there, he sails right past it. I attempt to make him go back but the passengers just want to get into the hotel and have a cold beer.

. I can’t force them to go so I tell the driver to drive straight to Köyceğiz. Bingo! He drives us the rest of the way, doesn’t get lost and drops us at Tango Pension (Not exactly on the main road) with no help. Shit! He has been playing dumb the whole time and just wanted to get in early. When I say early, I mean early. I’m supposed to get in at 7pm and we arrive at 1:30pm! Ally calls me and is exasperated that I am at Tango’s at this time.

I then go for a walk before helping my two passengers, Brett and Rachel with their itinerary. I sit down only to realise my voucher book is missing! These things are like cash! I tear everything apart looking for them but no dice, I call Bridge at Kusadası, still no dice. I know I’ve put them in my briefcase, but have no idea how they managed to vanished between Kusadasi and Köyceğiz!  I’m dead I immediately think and spend the rest of the night worrying about having to call my boss the next day and tell her. What do you know? Today is Friday 13th too…how’s that for bad luck!

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