A familiar face – Coptic Cairo

24th March 2008 Today I met up with Alex, my Uni friend from Oz outside the Cairo Museum. She met […]

Divine Providence – Cairo

22nd March 2008 I made it back to Cairo after a long struggle with the train. Someone is definitely watching […]

Idiots, Thieves & Charlatans – Alexandria

21st March 2008 Well, I’m in Alexandria now and after the hassle I’ve had, I’ve decided to leave. Well, that’s […]

A date with Death – Nuweiba

17th March 2008 Today I opted to go to the coloured Canyon near Nuwieba. I booked the tour the day […]

The Big Blue – The Blue Hole

16th March 2008 Today, I decided to go snorkelling at the Blue Hole. The Blue Hole is about 10 minutes […]

A little piece of paradise – Sharm el Sheikh

12th March 2008 Today I just hung out with my new friends Tommy and Dave. We decided to go down […]

To the Depths – Ras Mohamed National Park

11th March 2008 Today, after my speedy recovery from my climb up Mt Sinai I went scuba diving, something later […]

I’m the King of the World! – Mt. Sinai

10th March 2008 So off I went at 9:45pm at night and got onto a minibus and we went round […]

Making the best of it – Cairo

5th March 2008 I was supposed to go on a tour to St Antony’s Monastery up near the Suez Canal […]

If at first you don’t succeed… – Giza

4th March 2008 Today, I decided for take two at the Pyramids… no wait this was my third visit if […]