A little piece of paradise – Sharm el Sheikh

12th March 2008

Today I just hung out with my new friends Tommy and Dave. We decided to go down to Ras Um Said beach for the day and Nicola and Kof decided to join us. I had been there about 5 minutes when I spontaneously decided I wanted a Rasta hair do. Tommy came up to see how I was going, and they even put one in his hair which was really funny, he also clipped all the extra wool onto the back of his hair like a pony tail, the beach was in stitches!

I sat in this chair for 4 hours getting it done, but man, does it look good. We then went to KFC (Kentucky Fried Camel) and had some lunch, before going on a pub crawl in Na’ama Bay, a tour of the different happy hours. We went to the camel club and I bought a round and was served by this white blonde boy which was a real shock when I looked up at him. After a few Jacks and Sakara beers in there, we moved onto the hard rock cafĂ© and sat there drinking and listening to Metallica, it was awesome.

We then moved onto the Tavern and stayed there for ages. We got a cab back to the hotel and sat up at the bar drinking for about 5 hours, and Sam came up and started pestering me to go out with him. He’d been pestering me for a while and while I was having a nap even came and knocked on my room door! I was fuming considering I never told him my room number! I ended up telling him to go away and I was having fun with other travellers around the bar.

I also met a nice young lad called Jack and sat up talking with him until about 3am, he’s been everywhere and thinks a lot like me. Unfortunately, he also decided to get fresh with me and I had to sort of tell him where to get off…annoying. Did I mention he’s 22, Oh my god… not going there!

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