Friends in strange places – Frankfurt

23rd April 2008

Today, after surviving my first night in a dorm, I spent the hanging around Frankfurt. I got up too early and walked towards Rohmer Square. I ended up in this little market, that had loads of shops selling beer and Kartoffelpuffers (German potato pancakes), which I had for breakfast. I then headed towards the more modern part of the city and walked past St. Katherines church and right up to the old city gate which looks like a castle turret. I crossed over the Main Bridge and went into a little church on the other side of the river, which had no one in it and was very serene, I just sat there for ages contemplating life.

I went and had lunch in the more cosmopolitan part of town and ended up having a conversation with the two guys running the chip shop. I speak virtually no German and they spoke virtually no English, so it was fun. I also had a Schnitzel Brotchen at this other shop, which was pork schnitzel with mustard, which was awesome. I went back to Rohmer Square and ate gelato. I will say this, these people definitely know how to eat!

Exploring Frankfurt
Exploring Frankfurt

I then walked back towards the hostel, I got there and decided to have a rest, before we got a new arrival to the 4-bed dorm. A young Canadian girl, Katy, who I spent hours talking too and probably bored to death with my tales of Egypt and the middle east, combined with nights at the Market Inn.

Katy and I decided to go and have dinner together and we ate at this nice place at Rohmer Square. I had a dish that was, pork steak, pork sausage, pork rasher, potatoes and Sauerkraut, which was awesome. It was nice sitting there with someone in such a nice place. Katy is studying in Germany and is meeting a friend from Canada on Friday at the airport.

Tomorrow, I am going to attempt to get to Heidelberg, Katy has given me a crash course on the German trains, so wish me luck!

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