Pretty little town – Heidelberg

24th April 2008

Today I decided to attempt to visit Heidelberg. I managed to get on the train which cost a whopping 29.80 Euros for a return ticket and travelled for an hour and a half out of Frankfurt. Once in Heidelberg, I walked around for a while, before realising that nothing is near the train station. I walked up to the bus terminal and asked the woman there how to get to the castle. Bus 33 she said, and I bought my ticket and got on the bus.

I got to the castle and while attempting to climb up to it got a bit disorientated around the town. I finally managed to find the path leading up to it, which was horrifically steep. I made it up to the castle and paid my 3 euro to get in. It was spectacular, there’s quite a bit left of the old castle and it’s not in ruins at all. There were beautiful views of all of Heidelberg from the top. They also had the German Apothecary Museum, which I had a quick look in also.

I climbed back down from the castle and went for a walk around the old town. There was a record shop there and you guessed it the only Oasis album I don’t have on record was there! There‚Äôs no way I could lug it around Turkey for months on end so again, painfully I had to leave it. I saw Heidelberg university and marvelled at the fact that I had sat through my boring theory lessons in art class on the Heidelberg painters and now here I was! I marvelled at all the cute little German houses across the river, which looked just like a postcard, just outside the town.

I had pork schnitzel in this great little place in the square and then walked back to the main train station, where I boarded a train back to Frankfurt.

After my trip to Heidelberg, I went out for a beer with Kay. We went off to Rohmer Square and got these big glasses of wheat beer, which is much darker than the beer I usually drink. It was amazing, I could drink that down like Coke!

We took some pictures of Rohmer Square all lit up at night and then went off for a walk. We ended up at the Frankfurt Opera House which also looked spectacular all lit up at night. We had fun playing silly buggers with my camera, setting the timer and jumping in front of it and such. I decided I was hungry and went and got McDonalds, the specialty here is the McRib!

We walked back to the hostel, and I walked Katy through the red-light district with the balconies all lit up with neon light and we both had a really good giggle. When we got back to the hostel, I noticed that the numbers on our bed were B1 and B2, I thought that was hilarious.

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