Guten Tag! – Frankfurt

22nd April 2008

This morning I was up at the crack of dawn to get to Heathrow airport by 11:50am. I got the train from Huntingdon and then changed at Kings Cross and got the tube all the way to Terminal 2. I managed to get there too early, as usual and was the first to check in.

I actually managed to get a window seat for once. I boarded the plane for my short flight to Frankfurt and we landed about 2pm, trying to buy a train ticket is kind of hard here, all the stations seem to have about three different names and then what’s on your ticket says something completely different again!

I managed to get to the main train station, which thank God is the closest to where I am staying and after a little bit of searching found my hotel on Kaiser Strasse. I got into the hostel and thankfully my onward tickets to Istanbul were waiting for me. I paid for my dorm bed and went out to explore a bit. My hotel appeared to be right next to the biggest sex shop I had ever seen, however, I was corrected later on my walk.

I walked all the way down Kaiser strasse and ended up at Rohmer, a lovely little square full of old German style buildings. The buildings actually looked a bit like gingerbread houses, they were so cute. The church of St. Paul is also in the square and the bells were actually playing festive type music, almost like a music box, it was all very surreal.

Checking out Rohmer Square in Frankfurt
Checking out Rohmer Square in Frankfurt

I went into the church, which is free, unlike the UK and it was beautiful. I strolled down to St. Bartholomus Church, typical my luck, the most beautiful church in Frankfurt was covered in scaffolding!! I still went inside, which was beautiful. Not so big on the stained glass though, they had all these statues everywhere and some very beautiful paintings.

I wandered all the way to the Main River bridge, before I stopped myself, I’ve only been here a few hours and I don’t want to see everything around closing time. I went and had McDonalds, they automatically gave me mayo with my chips! I think I’m going to enjoy myself here, oh yeah and beer is only 10 cents dearer than Coke!

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