Pubs & Colleges – Cambridge

19th April 2008

This weekend, I had a visit from Alex, straight from London. She got here about 2pm and we headed out to Cambridge for the rest of the day. I met her at the station, and we got the bus in. (Really weird seeing one of my Aussie mates in Huntingdon at last!)

We saw the round church, and I actually went in there this time, it was a real sight. We then went shopping and Alex bought lots of junk food. We also went to the markets, and I flipped out again at all the alternative clothes and records, which, surprised Alex, who also had no clue about my fanatical following of Oasis, while I pawed through a load of Vinyl records.

We then went on a tour of the colleges. First, we went to Trinity College and then to Kings College, unfortunately, it’s out of term here and the Evensong choir, which we had both wanted to see was not on. We wandered around a bit more and went in the Oxfam shop, where we both bought these postcards with awesome quotes on them. Alex’s said, “The point of life, is life.” Mine said “Only dead fish go with the flow”. Alex also bought dried bananas and then made me go into Sainsbury’s to get a Tupperware container to put them in. Strange girl.

We then went and had lunch in on of Cambridges many pubs, The Mitre. Cambridgeshire has the most pubs out of any shire in the UK, roughly one pub for every seven people, very appropriate that my family hails from this area. I had a wonderful steak and ale pie, and of course Alex had chips. We then went back towards the bus station and Alex got a coffee and we both stole giraffe swizzle sticks from the coffee place.

We got the bus back and then ended up at the Market Inn, back in Huntingdon, where I got up and sang a rather bad version of “Lady Marmalade”, which Alex couldn’t stop giggling at. Alex also doesn’t drink, and I must say I felt very sheepish about asking for a Pint of Kroonenberg and a Diet Coke. Alex looked at my pint and marvelled at how anyone could drink that much liquid. We then moved onto the George, where I had another Pint and Alex had a Hot Chocolate. We got back to Uncle Pauls at about 12pm, a very fun, very random day!

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