Pubs & Colleges – Cambridge

19th April 2008 This weekend, I had a visit from Alex, straight from London. She got here about 2pm and […]

Museums & Monuments – London

10th April 2008 I got up early today and took myself off to London. I can’t believe it cost me […]

My little town – Huntingdon

1st April 2008 I’ve now been in the UK almost a week and not too much to report. I arrived […]

Fountains & Fuzzy Bees – Ripon

12th June 2006 After Whitby we moved on to Ripon and we were head for another Abbey, Fountains Abbey to […]

The Undead Tourist – Whitby

12th June 2006 We got up the next day and I had a really long hot shower. Now you may […]

The olde Thyme Castle – Scarborough

11th June 2006 We checked into a Bed and Breakfast upon arriving in Scarborough called the Ashburton, which was really […]

Crooked little town – York

11th June 2006 A couple of days after our Castle Rising outing, we decided to go on an overnight trip […]

Sand and Castles – Castle Rising

9th June 2006 After being back in Merry Olde England for a few days and doing some of the more […]

Day at THE Museum – London

28th May 2006 Mum and I got up very early the next day and Dad, after cooking us another huge […]

Long time between drinks – Brampton

19th May 2006 When the wheels of the plane skidded along the ground, I simply thought that’s it, I’m Back! […]