The olde Thyme Castle – Scarborough

11th June 2006

We checked into a Bed and Breakfast upon arriving in Scarborough called the Ashburton, which was really good value at £22.50 per night. This was wonderful as it allowed me to have my own room, I had not managed to get much sleep during this trip as I had always been within earshot of Mum and Dad’s awful snoring. At last I would get a good night’s rest I thought.

We left the hotel and went down to the beach, still with dirty brown sand. Unlike Hunstanton though this place was more alive, everything was open, and we went into all the amusement arcades and played games for a few hours. I found another weapons dealer and spent more time ogling weapons. We then went to the fair and found that the amusement park was called “Luna Park” which I thought was quite funny as we have one of those in Sydney under the Harbour Bridge. We then ate fish and chips, some of the worst chips I have ever eaten but it didn’t really spoil it.

We went for a walk back to our bed and breakfast via the ruins on the old castle. It was a long climb uphill, which to my surprise I did not find difficult at all, it must have been all the exercise I had already had so far, I thought. There was not a lot left of the castle as it was one of England’s oldest, located on the coast and prone to attackers. The walk around the castle grounds took us a good two hours, the sun was setting and every so often we would catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunset over the beach.

As we walked back to the hotel via another route, we came to a graveyard, the grave yard in which Emily Bronte is buried and we saw her grave. We also went passed a pub called the Albion, another twin with home as when I lived in Parramatta this was what my local, the pub I used to frequent was called. We also went passed a really good record store which by this time was closed, I made Mum and Dad promise me, we could visit it tomorrow.

At Scarborough Castle

After our long walk back, we finally arrived back at the Ashburton and I was relieved to get to my room, as Mum and Dad’s snoring had slowly been driving me insane. I stayed up for a while watching “Little Nicky” which was on the TV and all of a sudden, I missed my friends terribly, especially Ray. Little Nicky had always been the movie we watched when we sat at home having a drink. I sat there thinking about home and how my friends were doing and secretly wondered if I would ever see them again. By this time I really had no intension of going back and felt I would die if I did.

I decided to go to sleep. Horrors! The people in the room next to me were snoring louder than my parents! I was devastated. I tried everything to make them stop, turning the TV up really loud and even yelling at them to stop, but no…..I was not destined to get any sleep tonight either.

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