My little town – Huntingdon

1st April 2008

I’ve now been in the UK almost a week and not too much to report. I arrived in London on Wednesday and had to pay out about £40 to get to Huntingdon! I got the train from Heathrow to Paddington and was tempted to ask someone where platform 9 3/4 was. I then got the train to Kings Cross and then onto Huntingdon. The culture shock coming to the UK hit me pretty hard. Everything is sign posted, everything works, people in positions of authority have more intelligence than a cashew nut! I had to lug my huge suitcase up about 4 different flights of stairs at all these different stations and at each one, someone offered to help me. Who says chivalry’s dead? However, I did almost tell the first young man to bugger off, because I was out of backsheesh money. I managed to remind myself of where I was before doing that!

I got off at Huntingdon and got a cab to my Aunty Christine’s house, who seemed surprised I’d made it without even having to call her. I sat around there at her cosy little place, before Gary came home and took me to Uncle Paul’s, where I am staying. On Friday night, I went over to Aunty Chris and Gary’s place for tea, and a few drinks of course which was very nice.

On Saturday night I went to a party at the Montagu Club with Uncle Paul and then we met Uncle David at the Market Inn later on. I forgot how much fun it is drinking pints with the Uncles and ended up a little under the weather. I had lots of fun that night and got to meet lots of new people. I also had a few cigars, outside the pub now, can’t smoke inside now, except after hours, they don’t necessarily chuck you out at closing time over here.

The Uncles in Huntingdon
My uncles David and Paul – two of my favorite people

The next day I went to Aunty Wendy’s for lunch, which was amazing and something I’d really been looking forward to, a Sunday Roast. Words cannot even describe how good it was! I stayed at Aunty Wendy’s until it got dark and then went off home. During that day I also decided to plan a trip to Morocco, don’t ask me where that came from, I’m still scratching my head. I really did just wake up one morning and say to myself “Think I’ll go to Morocco”. I’m also going to Germany, as I still have the plane ticket to Frankfurt for that Au pair job I was supposed to take. May as well use it.

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