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10th April 2008

I got up early today and took myself off to London. I can’t believe it cost me £24.50 for a return! It’s a nice train ride and you can even buy alcohol at the train station for the trip at 9am. Go Britain!

I got to Kings Cross and headed for Russell Square and the British Museum. No matter what I do, I can’t help getting angry in there at the way they treat the mummies, just shoved in cases with other artefacts, with slack jawed gawkers taking photos of them! It was worse this time, they seemed to have more on display, and as usual the tomb from Jericho, especially infuriated me! How can they get away with stealing a whole tomb! On the good side, I managed to find the famous statue of Alexander the Great and also the room with all the stuff from Ancient Anatolia in it (Turkey) to have a quick look at before I go there. They also seem to have most of whatever was left of the museum of Halicarnassus, the missing pillar from the Erechtheon in Athens and one of the statues from Easter Island! Moving on….

After the British Museum I got back on the Tube and went off the Camden Town (London’s Alternative Paradise). I was there for about three hours, again walking around giggling to myself at all the cool alternative gear. I ended up buying myself a beautiful “Hell Bunny” coat, the sexiest coat in the world! I also saw these boots which had a square steel heel, and were black with red flames, I’ve never wanted a pair of shoes so much in my life! They were painfully £100 so I passed them up.

I jumped on a bus at Camden Town and ended up in my favourite spot in the world, Trafalgar Square. I hung around there for a while, before I decided to walk to Tower bridge, which is a really long way from Trafalgar Square. On the way I saw my clock (Big Ben) and the houses of Parliament… I really love that clock. They have finally removed all the scaffolding from Westminster bridge! I walked along the Thames, trying not to be angry at the Egyptian Obelisk, covered in pigeon poop and headed for St. Paul’s Cathedral. As I walked over the rise, I was thinking to myself, is this going to be the year I see this building without scaffolding? Up and up, I went, seeing more and more of the building, Yes, Yes it is, it is…. awww, no it isn’t, there was a small amount around the bottom. Annoying, oh well maybe next time.

I eventually made it to Tower Bridge after about an hour or so more of walking but couldn’t stop there as I could see the Tower of London, so I walked as far as that and stopped and had a rest there, before getting the bus outside the Hung Drawn and Quartered (A Pub) back to Trafalgar Square. I stopped in somewhere for a drink and then, went off again, it was getting dark, and I went for a stroll down The Mall. I’ve always wanted to see Buckingham Palace all lit up and now I have, it was beautiful. I walked back, and went through the west end and got to Piccadilly Circus, which is always a hit with me….I love all the pretty lights. Some nice-looking guy came up to me and said, “I couldn’t let you go by without telling you how stunning you look” and proceeded to chat me up. That’s my confidence boost for the day, I thought. I wandered off again, and ended up in Soho, London’s Red-Light district, lots of Indian places.

I finally managed to talk myself into going back to Huntingdon as it was now about 10pm. I got the tube back to Kings Cross, from Piccadilly Circus and got the second last train back to Huntingdon and walked home. I got back about midnight and collapsed into bed totally exhausted.

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