Flamenco! – Barcelona

6th May 2008

I woke up on my first day in Barcelona at 10am, still on Moroccan time and having arrived at the hostel at 2am last night, not the best start. I managed to find the Arc de Triomf and La Ramba, before deciding that I had worn the wrong shoes and needed to go back to the hostel and change, of course I got a little lost on the way, but nothing like in Marrakech of course. I think I could handle any getting lost situation after that. My shity little camera had also run out of battery, so I spent quite a lot of the day on the net here which is free. I did however, take care of one order of business and got a good feed at Maccas!

I managed to get out again at 4pm, and went directly to La Rambla, marvelling at all the shops, exotic pets, here you can buy Iguanas as well as Chameleons. There were lots of flower sellers including one lady selling blue roses. I walked right down to the dock and then on the way back I went in the church of the Holy Cross, which was the most spectacular church I think I´ve ever seen. I then went back to the hotel to research flamenco dancing on the net.

I found one that was quite close and got the metro to Placa Rial, it only cost 6 Euro and I got to see a real Spanish band as well. The dancer was very good, and it was wonderful to see Flamenco, dancing in Spain. Another thing to cross off the list, as well as the cobras, although ever so slightly less dangerous.

Church of the Holy Cross Barcelona
Church of the Holy Cross

On my last day in Barcelona, I got up determined to see a bit more of the city. On my mothers advice I marched myself all the way down to Placa de Espana, not realising this was over 2km away. By the time I got there, my feet hated me. I saw the magic fountain and got the train back to Sancta Familiar.

On my mothers orders also, I went to see the church of Sagrada Familiar, that is unfinished and will remain so for the next 30 years. It was one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen and I just gazed in amazement. I also went across the street and bought myself a little Gaudi Bull to add to my collection of animals. I then got the metro back to Teutan grabbed my stuff from the hostel and headed for the airport.

I got the metro to Placa de Gracia and then walked through about 1km of tunnels with my 16kg back pack to the train. I waited and almost had to crawl up into the train when it arrived, it was so high. I got off at La Pratt airport and checked my stuff on the Easyjet flight, which I had been dreading after my last experience with them, though thankfully all went smoothly. I also had a Kronenberg at the airport, which I actually had to skull, because the flight boarded early.

I had a nice flight and landed in Berlin about 815pm. I had no dramas getting to the hostel for once even though I had to get a bus and a train and then walk for a bit. I went into a bar across the road for a drink, I really needed it after that trip.

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