Home sweet home? – Egidir

20th May 2008

Today we got up for our final day in Olympos, which really only consisted of half a day as we left at 1pm. Determined to finish my talks, I hauled myself out of my tree house at 7am, but alas, although I could get going that early, the good olde showers at Kadir’s, just couldn’t manage, so I had to go stinky for about the third day running. Lucky I’ve done so much swimming. I’m not surprised there’s so many smelly hippies here.

I sat around working on my talks until it was time to leave. We packed up the bus and we were on our way to Antalya, which is usually only a drop off point, but we ended up staying there for about 2 hours getting to know the city.

We arrived in Egidir and as soon as I got there I just wanted to stay there! The guys at Lale Pension were great, they cooked us up this massive carp straight from the lake that had been caught that day and gave us this awesome Lake Bass as well, which was one of the best things I’ve eaten on the whole trip. The food just kept coming and coming.

After dinner the owner took us all out for ice cream and showed us around the little town. We all had the dorm room, which was actually down the street from the hotel, but the owner said that as none of the other rooms were occupied, we could sleep in those also if we wanted. I ended up with a whole room and double bed to myself, and consequentially, woke up this morning thinking I was at home! But boy, did I have a good sleep.

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