A night to remember, or not remember – Olympos

17th May 2008

This morning, Nigel and I woke up outside on the Gulet. We decided that rather than showering in our tiny bathrooms, we’d jump straight into the Mediterranean at 7am. It wasn’t actually as cold as I thought it would be and I took my underwater camera in and got some really good pictures of Nigel, Paul and I snorkelling. We didn’t really see much, only a hunk of concrete with a rope tied around it and a strange caterpillar thing on it.

It was really fun climbing up and jumping off the boat first thing in the morning, or even just lounging around and hanging off the ropes like Captain Jack Sparrow. lol Couldn’t help singing “Pirates life for me” under my breath. We sailed back into Fethiye and thanked our captain and crew for an absolutely unforgettable experience. We then went off to V-Go who supply Fez with some of their lovely cruises to meet and greet them.

We then started our drive to Olympos, where I am staying at the famous Kadir’s Tree Houses, a veritable hippy commune. If only the kids a Plumpton High could get wind of that! On the way to Olympos, we also stopped for about two hours in Kas, which was very nice, and they make good kebabs. The Lycian “Tomb of the King” is also there, and we got to check that out too.

Snorkeling before heading to Olympos
Nigel and I snorkeling

We arrived at Kadir’s and were introduced to a few people before being told we had the next day off! That was all we all needed to get totally slaughtered. Nigel, Paul and I were supposed to go to this music festival with Vanessa and Burak, but something happened on the way, and we lost Paul and Nigel. So, I ended up with Vanessa and Burak for the night. I had a really good time, we never made it to the festival, and I remember walking back from that general area with an Efes in one hand and a Kebab in the other, thinking how much I love Turkey.

We ended up at the Bull Bar and Vanessa and I attempted to get Burak to dance, without much success. After that I’m not too sure what happened! For the first time in my life, I can’t even remember how I got back to my tree house! I just woke up on my mattress on the floor in the morning fully clothed, with Nigel asleep on my luggage! I have a feeling I’m going to like this Olympos place.

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