The Roaring Water – Edessa

19th June 2006

Edessa was quite a drive and we finally reached it and were presented with a tacky looking little marketplace and what looked like man-made falls. I couldn’t help thinking, Is that it? It wasn’t, we were taken down a slope and presented with the real falls which were breath taking. I actually got to walk along a ledge and stand right under them. The noise was deafening as the cool clear water rushed past at great speed some of it landing on me, cooling me off as it was quite a hot day. I climbed back up and had a look in the little bazaar, particularly at the formula one jackets, but the shop keeper didn’t take credit cards, so I had to miss out on that one. I got back on the bus, again raising my hand when Antones counted us and saying, “Don’t worry I’m here!”, everyone laughed yet again, the joke never seemed to get old. We travelled back to the hotel in Naossa where I had a shower and a nap and then sat outside on my balcony to do some writing and admire the Greek landscape. I was again nestled in the mountains and looked out at the especially dry view. Unlike all the other hotels we stayed at this was the only one that did not have an outdoor swimming pool, instead it had a very dry looking tennis court, where dry yellow weeds grew around the fence. I looked beyond the mountains into the sky and felt really far away, home didn’t seem like it was real, more like on another plain of existence at this point.

Edessa Falls
Edessa Falls

I then went down to dinner and sat with Yvonne and Fernando, Yvonne was an older lady, but very interested in archaeology. It was refreshing to talk to someone who appreciated the things we had seen the same way I did. Afterwards sat in the common room with my tour mates and chatted to Melissa and Steve about Egypt. Apparently, they wanted to go but had been given ridiculous quotes, when I told them how much I had gone for they were quite shocked, and I gave them all the details I used to book my trip. It was nearing the end of this part of the tour, and I realised that I had made some friends that I would have to leave soon, I wondered if I would have socialised as much if I had been here with someone I knew. I bid my new friend’s good night and went off to bed to get ready for another early start and…. wine tasting,

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