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Moab, Utah

We left our motel in Monticello early this morning for our drive to Canyonlands National Park, we got about 5 miles down the road and it was completely blocked by snow, so being disappointed again we thought we would have to give it a miss.

We got on the highway and about 30 miles in we found another entrance that was actually a quicker way. Another Sat Nav fail. We drove for about 32 miles down another long windy road, on the way we saw "Newspaper rock" which was a smooth rock covered in ancient petroglyphs. No one knows what it means and Darren noticed that strangely there were lots of foot prints, all had six toes. Ancient Hillbillies maybe.

We left Newspaper rock and ran into "Wilson's Arch", I had to have a picture with that so we had a quick stop to look at the immense arch in the rock, named after a local pioneer called Joe Wilson.

We drove into the park via some more amazing rock formations, huge plateaux's and pinnacles of rock just sticking up out of the ground. We reached the park entrance and because it is winter admission was free.

We drove in and saw some more amazing formations, including "the three gossips" which looked like three ladies sticking up out of the mountains. We also saw the cathedral and shoe arch, which looked like a clog on the mountain side. We got out of the car a few times and marvelled at how quiet it was, we couldn't hear a single thing. This was a wild placee, and we barely saw another person for the rest of the day.

We drove back to the highway and drove about 60 miles to Arches National Park, there we went for a short hike up towards the fragile arch. It was already at altitude and I found it very difficult and couldn't get my breath.

When we got back to the car, we drove out of the park and then drove about 100 miles to Grand Junction, Colorado, which was the biggest place we have seen since leaving Las Vegas. We had lunch here, we decided to try "Olive Garden", which was a really nice Italian restaurant. We had an absolute feast for $50.00. Amazing Chicken parmigana and stuffed mushrooms, even came with soup and salad.

After our break we drove for another two hours to Glenwood Springs, the happiest town in America! It was the first ski resort town on the trail, near Aspen and Vail, as such tonight's motel was kind of expensive and a little dingy compared to the others. The town was beautiful! Coloured lights everywhere and a giant hot spring pool, Darren was really impressed.

We have a big day tomorrow so we had a nice early night. Apart from being woken up by the people in the next room at about mid night.

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