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DisneyLand, California

Woke up in the swankiest hotel in Hollywood this morning, the W hotel. We have a suite with our own bar, chaise and massive shower. We got up early and walked down the walk of fame and into Hollywood to Grauman's Chinese theatre and got there just in time to have it all to ourselves. Darren took pictures with Hugh Jackman's square and I got another one with Bruce Willis', Yippee Ki Yay!

Breakfast this morning was at Johnney Rocket's, oh how I had waited for this moment. I had pancakes with maple syrup and bacon in what felt like the first decent meal of the trip. I haven't had many meals where I actually both enjoyed the food and felt full afterwards. Japan the food was amazing, but there

never seemed to be enough of it and in Mexico, there was plenty of food it all just seemed a bit average at best. Here the food is awesome and there is plenty of it, God Bless America.

After breakfast we got the Starline tours transfer bus out to Anahiem for our visit to Disneyland. I was expecting there to be a lot of traffic, but it was actually pretty smooth and only took about 45 minutes.

We arrived at Disneyland and paid the $96.00 to get in, I was so hyped up, I hadn't been since I was eleven and all the memories

came flooding back, especially as I walked down Main Street USA.

Our first stop was Tomorrow land and before we even managed to get on any rides, Darren and I were lured into a shop selling nothing but Star Wars stuff. Darren bought a Darth Vader collectable tin and I bought a mini Sith light saber. (That's a red one for all you normal people)

After we managed to pull ourselves away from the Star Wars trading post, (after lots of "Wanna buy some death sticks" jokes) we got in the queue for Space Mountain, which the sign out the front said already has 45 minute wait. We waited but it certainly didn't seem that long. The ride was amazing, a roller coaster in almost pitch black, I'd never heard Darren laugh so much.

We had a short go on the monorail and then headed over to Frontier land and went on the Mark Twain paddle steamer which Darren loved. We managed to get right up front at the top as the boat went around the park.

It had said on the map that Splash Mountain (my favourite ride as a kid) was closed, but from the screams we could see it was actually open. It did seem a hot day for winter, so we decided we would go on that later. We got off the riverboat and went over to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but not before I got myself and Mickey shaped pretzel and some cheese dip. We lined up for the next rollercoaster, a wild mouse style western themed ride in the style of a train. This one was really fun and it ended up being Darren's favourite ride of the day.

We headed out of Frontier land and ended up in Fantasy Land on the Mad Tea Party ride, which is the ride with all the colourful teacups. Darren had fun trying to out spin the people in the blue tea cup next to us. The music played in the background at this ride, epitomises Disneyland for me and brought back memories of being in a yellow tea cup with Dad back in 1993.

We wandered around Fantasy Land for a bit and saw the Disneyland Castle, which I seem to remember being bigger, but it probably seemed bigger as I was smaller. After the castle we went into Toon Town, which if I'm honest has started to look a little run down. When I first went it was the new attraction and now it is 22 years old. The whole area needs a lick of pain and a bit of a clean, but I did finally manage to get onto Gadgets Go-Coaster.

Deciding to stop wandering around, we got the map out and headed into Critter County and straight to Splash Mountain. We ended up getting skipped ahead as they were looking for a group of two, we had been getting the back car of all the roller coasters all day and I had been getting a bit jack of it, but now I got the very front of Disneyland's wildest ride, with no lap bars, seat belts or shoulder harnesses and just a hand rail to hold onto.

Now they warn you, "You may get wet", I would change that to: "You will get very wet, especially if you're in the front". I think I actually shielded Darren from most of it. There were a few small drops, which soaked me and the cast of Brear Rabbit laughing at us the whole way around. At the top of the flume the log we were in tipped over to reveal a massive drop, we shot down with gravities full force. I screamed, and got absolutely soaked, I now had wet jeans.

We came off Splash Mountain soaked and laughing, it's still my favourite ride in Disneyland, that much has not changed. We went into a shop and I bought a stuffed Cheshire cat and Darren bought a Steam Boat Mickey. We wandered around soaking for a while and ended up at Adventure land on the Indiana Jones ride, this was a new one for me and it was amazing and very realistic. Darren even got to "drive" the roller coaster car. The only ride I was a bit disappointed in was the Haunted Mansion, which has been completely redone and toned down. Not scary at all.

We left Disneyland at about 6:30pm, funnily it got very crowded at night, almost to the point where we couldn't move. We got back on the tram out to the car park and got the transfer bus back to Hollywood and walked back to our hotel.

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