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Pikes Peak, Colorado

We left our motel in Glenwood Springs early this morning as the sun was just coming up. The failing light made the snow on the immense mountains look pink. There were small houses and pine trees dotted all over them and it was really magical to drive through this spectacular scenery. We drove along the Colorado River for about 100 miles today, it was frozen in parts and in other parts reflected the sky and the snowy mountains around us.

Our drive this morning was about four hours, on the way we passed through the town of South Park. That's right, South Park, Colorado. We took pictures with the sign and with our heads through the cardboard cut outs of Cartman and Kenny.

We reached our destination, which was another drive….up to Pikes Peak. This was Darren's thing, the road is used as a Time Trial race and he had always wanted to drive on it. It had lots of twists and turns and was quite scary in places as I always seemed to be on the side close to the edge.

On the way up there was a huge frozen lake and a sign warning of Bigfoot, there was a Bigfoot wooden statue and a sign that said, "Please don't climb on Bigfoot".

At one point we got out and the wind was so strong I couldn't open the car door and Darren had to hold it for me. The view of the mountains was amazing and we could see the road snaking all the way back down the mountain.

The mountain was covered in snow, which made it even scarier and we got almost to the top, the last 1000 feet was blocked off due to the wind, but we managed to get to 13000 feet. I'm glad we weren't up there for too long, as I was getting a bit out of breath, even when we went into the gift shop a bit lower down.

It was a fun experience but by far the best part of the day was seeing Darren's face as he realised a dream. Lots of laughs and lots of smiling.

After leaving Pike's Peak we had another long drive ahead of us, as we left Colorado for Wyoming. We stopped first for lunch in Denver and had an awesome lunch at a place called Hamburger Mary's. Denver looked a bit run down and I've never seen so many bums!America really needs to do something about its homeless problem, there are so many in the cities.

We crossed the Stateline and we were flabbergasted at how fast the scenery changed from high snow covered mountains to rolling deserted plains. It was almost totally flat and we saw one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen. It was real cowboy country and we even passed a ranch with a ruin of an old covered wagon out the front.

It was a long deserted drive, Wyoming is the least populated state in the US and we were staying at its least populated county at the small town of Lusk. (Truly in the middle of absolute nowhere) We stayed at the Covered Wagon Inn, we were served by a guy named Randy, who was surprised to learn we were from Australia, everyone had been mistaking us for American's which I'm taking as a compliment.

The room was amazing, actually nicer than the room we had in the Luxor in Las Vegas, not bad at all for $80.00.

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