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North America

East Coast

If you're road trippin across the mighty U.S.A get ready to slow down and start paying some road tolls! Everything was free and easy back in California, it certainly isn't here. It gets a lot colder too, as soon as you hit South Dakota you will feel a big drop in the temperature, and if you're traveling in winter, you're going to be seeing a lot of white. The major cities on this side of the country seem a lot bigger and require a lot more time. When we reached Chicago, I wanted to cry because we only had an afternoon, and I had fallen completely in love just on the drive in. New York, don't even both unless you have a week! Washington, you could probably be ok with one day, we did it just passing through and it was enough time to see the White House and Lincoln's memorial. Beware of snow storms, everything basically shuts down and you could be wasting your time stuck in a hotel, like we unfortunately were for two days in New York.


Whatever you do, don't just go to Oahu or Waikiki, Hawai'i is so much more than that. Maui, possibly one of the most relaxing places I've ever been with 5 star hotels and real Hawai'ian culture. If you've got the cash I highly recommend a helicopter ride over the island, some of Jurassic Park was filmed here and its a spectacular site. The locals are friendly and you can't beat a traditional Hawai'ian Luau. Snorkeling in the Molokini Crater makes a nice day out, especially if you are lucky enough to be there during whale season and get to see a humpback breach right in front of your boat. Waikiki is lovely, but it is just another beach, the shopping, however is on another level. For the best bargains visit the Ala Moana shopping centre and the Waikele shopping outlets, which have all the biggest names at the lowest prices.

West Coast

What can I say? I love L.A. No matter how many times I visit the U.S.A it will always be on my list, same goes for Las Vegas. This side of the country seems to be a lot cheaper than the East and if you're road trippin you can get places a lot faster because there are no tolls and the speed limits are virtually non existent. There are so many places to recommend besides the aforementioned Vegas and L.A, San Francisco with its hip, vibrant culture, Reno a mini Las Vegas with even better shopping, Lake Tahoe both for skiing and serenity and not forgetting a little further inland, the Devils Tower in Wyoming and the Grandest of Canyons.

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