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The Red Sea

Today, after my speedy recovery from my climb up Mt Sinai I went scuba diving, something later found out is very dangerous if you've been more that 1km about sea level in 24 hours.I got picked up at 8am and taken to the dive centre, there was a little dog there called luba who looked exactly like Dali, and I missed him terribly.

I got fitted for a wet suit and me and this Danish couple got on the bus with Ahkmed our instructor. Jasper and Sheena had dived many times but this was my first time.

We got on the boat and I was given a crash course on how to use everything, barely able to hear the instructor over the wind.The equipment was so heavy, I thought I would go straight to the bottom! I stood on the edge of the boat looking at the black water, Come on K, I said to myself, don't be a sissy!

The sea was very choppy and I jumped in and panicked! I don't even know what, my breathing just went all weird and I couldn't control it, once I got under the water I was fine though.You have to equalise and make your ears pop or the pressure makes you feel as though your head will explode!

The first dive was good, I saw lots of coral and some really pretty fish, including one with bug red lips that looked like it was smiling at me. I saw the other divers and the abyss below me. I also saw a big school of travalley and all around me small colourful fish swam.The second dive was the best, we followed the boat anchor to the bottom and I stood on the bottom of the sea. I saw a massive groper fish and a blue ringed sting ray. I also got to play with the Nemo fish who were hiding in an anemone nearby, they weren't scared and just swam around my hands. I really loved diving and I think I'll add it to my list of hobbies.

On the way back we also saw a ship wrecked on the reef and on one side of us was Egypt and the other Saudi Arabia.We got back and hung around the dive shop for a while, with me patting the small dog, I tipped my guide 100 EGP, and he said it was too much... "Nosense" I said "I had an awesome time!" I later found out that your supposed to do your first dive in a swimming pool and your second from the shore. They threw me straight into rough seas, was I afraid, NEVER!

Novotel Sharm el Sheikh

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