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Once again, my bus, is the party bus.

Most of today was spent driving. That being said, it certainly wasn't a boring day. For the first part of the morning I had my test, which I am going to make an ongoing thing. I made the passengers get into teams and think up cool team names and then asked lots of questions about France and Paris. There were fifteen questions and one group actually got them all right!

After the trivia we had our first rest stop and then jumped back on the bus for another two hours. I put some music on and when Phil Collins came on managed to belt out the last few lines on the Mic.Anyone for Bus Karaoke! I yelled. I got a round of applause. Right bus karaoke it is then. I started it off with Eye of the Tiger by Survivor, to which I had everyone clapping along and singing and cheering. I was completely in my element. When I had my turn, Charlotte came up and sang a song and then Ali came up and put some Persian music on for people to get up and have Dance Comp with.

When the Persian music had finished I put on, Sexy and I know it, by LMFAO, Well, it was on for young and old then. I had about half the passengers dancing in the aisles, of course including yours truly. Many of them video taped it, so I'm sure it will end up on Facebook at some point. After the dancing we went back to Karaoke and the passengers actually requested I sing again! The customer is always right I guess, so I sang, Life is a Highway, which was also met with a round of applause. No one else wanted to sing, so I turned it down a bit and sang One for my Baby and sang them all to sleep.

We then stopped for a longer break, drove for another hour and then stopped for lunch. After lunch I handed out the brochures for the Juangfraujoch excursion so that the passengers could have a think about it just before we crossed the border into Switzerland and changed money. We got to the border and Garry and I went off to pay the tax and get the bus through, which took all of five minutes. Then it was back on the bus for another twenty minutes to visit the nearest exchange facilities, which interestingly were located near a petrol station and a sex shop. I remarked on the mark, during my exchange spiel, that if I caught anyone in the sex shop I would be judging them. Lots of laughs.

We exchanged money and then got back on the bus. I then announced that it was someones birthday then next day and we all sang happy birthday and I gave the young girl her present. Then I launched into my spiel about Switzerland and then went round to collect the money for the excursion up to the Top of Europe tomorrow. I got almost full attendance, meaning that I had just made more money in one afternoon with Expat than I had in 38 days with Tucan! If these guys did other destinations besides Europe I would seriously think about jumping ship.

We arrived into the town of Wilderswill at about 7:15pm and I met the hotel owner a typical Swiss man by the name of Urs. We sat down to have our dinner which was lovely and then I allocated all the rooms and sat down to have a well earned beer afterwards. Don't you love it how when your trying to impress some one, you automatically become a walking disaster area. I managed to spill my beer everywhere and had to go up to the bar and ask Ur's for a napkin. Swiss people are very clean and tidy, so I don't think I've earned any brownie points.

I went up to my room and looked out the window to see one of the most stunningly beautiful places I've ever seen. Little wooden houses, surrounded by lush green mountains frames by brilliant blue sky. I don't know why, but I feel really safe and content here, perhaps it's the Swiss long history of neutrality or the fact that the town is in a gully surrounding by beautiful mountains almost entirely protecting it from the modern age.

I can certainly see why people I know have often remarked they were spoilt by Switzerland.

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