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Nah Trang

Nha Tran Beach

I’m not sure if I slept, did I sleep?My thoughts as my very bumpy, sweaty train pulled into Nha Trang station at 5:30am.I managed to get my stuff out of the cabin and walk along the platform until I found the exit.Once out in the expected chaos, I set about getting a taxi to the Novotel.

Now one of the reasons I like staying at Novotel, besides their impeccable service, is that it’s a global brand and everyone knows it.“Novotel” I say to the taxi driver.He has no idea – a flaw has appeared in my logic.I have to show him the address on my Tripcase app (that thing is a life saver!) – “Novotel, he says and nods” Isn’t that what I said?Never mind I’m too tired and sweaty to care.Thankfully he automatically turns on the meter and tired Kristina, is not forced into an argument with a Vietnamese taxi driver today.

On arrival at the Novotel, which is right on the beach, a bell boy unloads my bags from the cab and I am immediately free of them.The cab fare is the equivalent of about $3AUD.Predictably the room is not ready yet as check in time is 2pm, standard for hotels.I am given a welcome drink and the guy on reception takes my number and promises to call me as soon as my room is ready.

I go out to have a look around Nha Trang to kill some time, I decide to have a walk down by the beach.I can see locals getting ready for their morning swim, they have actually parked their bicycles on the sand!I watch the sunrise over the ocean and walk about 1km before I decide I need some food.

I go to a small café and order a fry up, which is supposed to come with pancakes, but pancakes are “no” – I manage to convince the guy that I don’t care about the pancakes and can I just have what I ordered.That kills about another 45 minutes – I am dying of fatigue, I had no idea the trains would be so noisy and uncomfortable here, the are built like the Russian carriages I am familiar with, however with out all the comforts I’m used to – like the door at the end of the carriage which eliminated most of the train noise.

It is about 9am by now, so I go back to see if I can get some stuff out of my bag to use the showers in the spa – the receptionist advises she has been trying to call to tell me my room is ready.Oh thank the lord.

Novotel Nah Trang

“We have given you very nice room” she says and begins to apologise that I couldn’t be checked in straight away.I have a room on the 18th floor which is the top floor here, I walk in and have to contain my desire to squeal.In comparison to the room I have just come from in Ho Chi Minh City, it is heaven!Massive soft bed, lounge to sit on, big bathroom with a sunken shower (what else does one need in once life?) and a big panoramic balcony overlooking the beach!

As soon as the bell boy is out of the room I set about removing yesterdays and last nights layers of filth.The shower is heaven, because it is sunken into the floor it forms a kind of bath and water does not end up flooding the floor in the rest of the bathroom – again unlike the comparative dump in Ho Chi Minh City.

View from the Novotel Nha Trang

I decide that today, I am on holidays – I’m going to let myself have today.Sightseeing here seems to be minimal anyway.I have been lucky to get the room from 9am so I am going to make the most of it – starting with a recovery nap to get some energy back!

The Spa here is also really reasonably priced, so after my wonderful nap I go down and have a foot and head massage.The ladies in the spa are lovely and really good at their jobs, for the first time I actually fall asleep in the spa. I’m also set to come back for the full treatment at 7:30pm – a body scrub, facial and full body massage.

My next stop was the third-floor pool where I spent about three hours drinking Mojitos and sunbaking over looking the beach, before going back to the room and watching some TV and the sunset from my 18th floor balcony.

My final activity today was my full treatment at the spa, which left me feeling relaxed before I went to bed and finally, slept like the dead.

Nha Trang

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