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Lake Kariba

The sunrise woke me up this morning as the room I am in doesn't have a wall that faces the outside of the boat. I watched the beautiful African sunrise from my bed and then briefly went back to sleep. I eventually decided that it was too hot to stay in bed and got up and did some work and journal writing on my laptop before breakfast.

I had breakfast, which was spaghetti on toast, which I have really missed, while watching a heard of elephants wandering around on the shore. There was a small white heron, walking along behind one of the elephants pecking at his back feet and basically herding him around, it was one of the strangest things I had ever seen.

After breakfast, I continued to write my journal on my laptop until we got underway, heading back to Kariba town. I managed to catch up as I had gotten quite behind, I then had a bit of a sunbake on deck before George signaled to the captain that we should stop for a swim. George came up on deck with all the costumes from the costume party, and we all had to jump off the second story of the boat wearing them. I got the yellow tutu and the cape Phil had been wearing. I launched myself off the balcony and into the water, like some kind of demented Batman.

After our swim we continued to cruise back to Kariba town, we arrived and disembarked, I can't wait to get back to come back in the other direction and get back on the house boat again, it's been a lovely three days. We loaded the truck and drove about five minutes up the road to a tiny supermarket, so the passengers could buy some lunch for the next day and so George and I could get supplies for dinner.

We got into the camp, called Kushinga and had a swim in the pool there. There had been a group of school kids in the pool as we were getting there, but they were just leaving. The group were all commenting about kids peeing in pools and I said, not to worry about that, but that they do bring them here for their monthly bath. No one was impressed, I think I'm going to keep that joke.

George and I were cooking dinner tonight, Sea Food Paella, whatever that is. It took us about an hour to cook the strange Spanish rice dish, which I had never tried and it actually came out ok, considering one of the chefs had no idea what she was doing. We also put some tunes on to listen to on the truck as Mugo wasn't about.

After dinner we went off to the bar for a couple of hours and then I went to bed in my little hut up the hill, or at least that was the plan. It was so unbelievably hot in that hut, even with the ceiling fan going. I went and sat outside for a bit, but it wasn't any better, at one point I looked up at the grass roof and saw two enormous legs disappear into the woodwork. I hope it's a really big rat, I thought thinking of the tarantula at the campsite in Zambia a couple of nights ago. Things are pretty bad when you're hoping it's a rat.

Lake Kariba

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