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Today was a good day for sunglasses and a Hawaiian shirt. We were all very disappointed to be leaving Swakopmund and our nice comfy beds, which we traded in for a bush camp at Spitzkoppe tonight. We all went out for coffee this morning as Dave and Sarah had new tent bags made, but they weren't ready yet. We got back on the truck and headed to Cape Cross to see a massive colony of stinky seals. For some reason there is a baseball bat on the truck and Emmett took it off the truck and had a picture taken with the seals with it. So funny, and so wrong.

We drove for about another 3 hours to our bush camp at Spitzkoppe, a place which looks like it has been ripped right out of the lion king. I keep looking at the mountain opposite where I am typing and expecting a baboon to hoist a lion cub above the plains and for "Circle of Life" to start playing for absolute nowhere.

I went for a walk among the rocks after I had a sleep, it is amazingly hot here and I am looking forward to moving on to Etosha tomorrow, even though it is an 8 hour drive on a dirt road. I really don't mind that at all actually, the group I'm with is awesome, in the last few days they have become my new family, as funny as that sounds. Everyone is about the same age and I know it will be us all play silly buggers all the way to Etosha. Can't wait.

About five of us decided to sit ie pitch black and look at the amazing sight that was the stars at Spitzkoppe. We talked about how big the universe is and how insignificant we all are. It was nice to talk about real things like that.The sky was so clear and pure, we could see the nebulas surrounding the stars, I don't think I have ever seen a more star filled sky.

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