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We were supposed to leave at 8am this morning, we ended up leaving half an hour late for our drive to Sesriem. It was a long bumpy road and everyone was looking rough by about 12pm when we crossed the Tropic of Capricorn, me for the second time.

We went through the town of Solitaire, which I remember thinking was the smallest town I'd ever been to two years ago. We arrived at our campsite in Sesriem at about 4pm, again the same camp as two years ago….Scorpion camp. Host to the most terrifying experience of my life, walking back from the bar in thongs with my head torch attracting scorpions and getting acacia thorns through my feet. I wouldn't make that mistake again and as soon as we arrived put on my new red sneakers.

The included excursion today was into the desert to hike up Dune 45 and watch the sunset. George was staying behind to cook dinner and I was debating staying behind too, I've already seen the sunrise from Dune 45. It was either help with the cooking or hike up a massive sand dune, I can't believe I chose hiking over cooking.

I jumped in the front of the cab with Mugo and we drove out to the Dune, I marveled at how much more comfortable I was in the cab than bouncing around in the back. We drove into the national park and started driving through the magnificent red dunes that changed colour depending on where we were.

We arrived at the massive Dune 45, and the passengers ran off towards it. I slowly walked over to it and began the slow, frustrating climb, which I knew I would never complete, my knee is just too strained these days and having already done it I didn't really have the motivation to get to the top anyway. I settled for about half way up and watched the amazing sunset over the dunes and dead trees in the Salvador Dali landscape that surrounded me.

The sky turned yellow, then red then finally a swirling mixture of purple, yellow and pink as the sun set behind the horizon. I began the hike back down the dune as we had to be out of the park by 8:15pm or else face a fine. It wasn't until I began the climb down, that I realized how high I had actually gotten. It took me a good fifteen minutes to reach the bottom and then get back on the truck. The passengers of course took their time giving me a heart attack time wise. Mugo was also starting to get a bit antsy and was backing up the truck to the dune and then getting out and pacing around.

We drove back to camp in the failing light and George had made an awesome chicken bolognaise for dinner. I had the best shower of my life, getting all the sand off myself, which was everywhere and then went to the bar for a bit and chatted to some locals and watched TV in there for a bit, before going off to bed. Though, not before hitting my head on the branch outside the tent, for the fourth time that day.

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