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Île aux Cerfs

Does it get any better than this? Yes I believe it does! Today I went out to the Ile aux Cerfs, famous apparently. I left the hotel at 8am and was taken by taxi about 1.5 hours away from where I'm staying. I boarded the public launch to the island which took about 10 minutes.

Once there I was met by the usual welcomers trying to sell stuff. I was given a welcome drink at the bar and pulled up a sun lounger and soaked up the amazing view in front of me. The island was tiny and I think it is actually more like a sand bar. I went into the crystal green water for a swim and had to wade out at ankle height for ages to actually get into the water. I ended up just sitting min the water and relaxing.

At about 12pm I took a boat trip into a crevice in the mainland to see some small but pretty waterfalls. Me and about 10 other people were booked in for the trip and we waited on the beach for our lift. Our lift turned up in the form of the sexiest boat I'd ever seen, driven by a rather sexy Mauritian, We all climbed aboard and the driver pulled me aside and asked me to sit in the passenger seat up front next to him, not in the back with everyone else. Did I mention its great to be me?

We took off at what I though was half the speed of light, the boat bounced and bumped along, my hair flew in the breeze and the speed made me giggle. We got to the waterfalls and had a quick look and headed to another part of the island where everyone but me was being dropped off for a BBQ. I sat in the boat and the driver took pictures of me.

After we had dropped everyone else off we headed back to the main beach area. If I thought we had been going fast before, it was nothing to the speed we were going at now. I don't know if it was because we had dumped ten peoples weight or if the driver had really opened her up to show off, but now we were going extremely fast. The zig zagging, and extreme turns make me think it was the latter….whatever the case I loved every minute of it. It was so much fun. I got dropped off on the main beach and went to have lunch at the posh restaurant on the beach.

My entrée was smoked marlin salad, I've never had smoked marlin before, I think I might just make a habit of having it again. The main course was a seafood platter including lobster. I looked at the strange creature sitting on my plate and wondered what possessed the person who first ate lobster to look at it and think, Gee that looks tasty. I admire his efforts though, I totally understand why its so expensive. Desert was a nice coconut ice cream cake. All together a perfect lunch.

After lunch I went to the small market close by and bought a few presents for people back home and then went back to my sun lounger to attempt to even out my tan a bit. At 4pm I got the last launch back to the jetty and met my taxi driver. I got in the cab and asked him to take me souvenir shopping as there is absolutely nothing near my hotel.

Of course he took me somewhere really expensive in this town called Bell Mare, but luckily for me there were some little locally run shops I could go nuts in nearby. I then sat back in the cab for the long ride back to the hotel. Tomorrow I get to play with big cats again! TIA.

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