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So today was my last day in Mauritius and what a way to spend it, playing with all the islands animals.

First up it was swimming with dolphins, I got onto my boat and went off to a small bay with about 10 boats in it and about 100 people. I jumped in and a pod of about 100 dolphins was swimming around us. I looked down into the water and I could see them all swimming under me. I looked up just in time to see on jump out of the water and spin around and fall back in. It was really something.

On returning to the jetty I was taken to the Chamarel waterfalls which were very pretty and to the coloured earths. That was a little bizarre, it was a hill with many different coloured patches of earth on it, made completely by nature, something to do with volcanic mineral deposits, I think. At this place also there were a few large tortoises couped up in a large pen. I managed to get some good pictures of them fighting over their food and of me patting them.

I then went for lunch at a nearby restaurant which had the most amazing view over the pristine beach and where I ate the best spare ribs of my life! After lunch it was off to the safari park to play with the big cats.

I had paid to play with lions, cheetahs and tigers. Unfortunately. So had about ten other people, private interactions cost about $1000. I went in first to the lions and got to pat an albino white lion and a young male lion who was just getting his mane. I ran my hands through it a couple of times, that's top of the bucket list crossed off!

Next up was the tigers, I got to pat an orange tiger and a white tiger. I patted the white tiger. Bhagira first who seemed to want nothing more than to sit in his water trough. The guides seemed very impressed with the way I handles myself around the animals, I didn't let on that I'd done it before. The guides did tell me that the Bengal tiger is one of the only creatures in nature that kills for pleasure, which is what makes it the most dangerous of all the big cats.

The tiger interaction went for much longer than expected and when I came out everyone else had gone. I walked up to a nice looking young man and asked about the cheetah. He was surprised I hadn't played with the cheetah yet and lo and behold he linked he arm in mine and took me over to the cheetahs for my own private audience…telling me how beautiful I was on the way over. I love that I managed to get a $1000 activity based on my looks.

I went in to see the cheetah, which was the main animal I had come to see as I only saw them in the distance in the Serengeti. I knelt down and patted the cheetah on the head, the guide took my hand and placed it near the animals head….he then proceeded to head butt my hand like little Kato would at home and then decided to lick me! He tongue was very rough and he tried to eat my bracelet.

I also got to pat the large male cheetah who was snoozing under a tree. I didn't like to wake him up but as soon as I started patting him he started purring! It was amazing to hear such a large animal making that sound.

I left the big cat area and went on a small safari though the park. Ostriches came and poked their heads in the truck, making the women near me go nuts with fear. The zebras came up to us for attention, again the women went nuts. I actually looked at them and laughed and said Get a grip would you! I stuck my hand out and patted them, I also called more over by making zebra noises Bloop bloop bloop bloop. Everyone looked at my like I was nuts, but the guides just looked at me and smiled, and over came the zebras.

I then went back to the hotel and had a bit of a swim in the pool and a passion fruit Daiquiri and then went to have a massage at the spa. I had dinner at the restaurant at the hotel and then went down to the beach bar to have a phoenix beer and look at the sea before I leave tomorrow.

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