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Adventures in Ethiopia

A day off

Gonder - 7th May 2010

Overlanding, It's not easy is it?

Debark - 3rd Mary 2010

The Ark of the Covenant?

Axum - th28th April 2010


Lalibela - 24th April 2010


Lalibela - 23rd April 2010

That. Night.

Bahir Dar - 21st April 2010

The Source of the Nile

Blue Nile Falls - 20th April 2010

Are we going to Addis Ababa, Mr Lutor?

Addis Ababa


Dejen - 19th April 2010

Riding with the herd

Bale Mountains - 14th April 2010

Beggars can be choosers

Turmi Village - 8th April 2010

Forever, never alone

Omo Valley - 7th April 2010


Dinsho Lodge

Dragoman Overland

Holy Axum

Omo Valley

Rock cut Church of Lailibela