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Litchfield Park

I arrived in Darwin at about 12:30pm and checked into my hotel at Sky City Casino even later, where Ben was waiting.I attempted to get some sleep,but didn't really manage it as I was pretty excited.In the morning we got up and had breakfast in Darwin and picked up our hire car.

We then decided to take a drive out to Litchfield Park.We drove for about 2 hours and then started to drive through the park.The first place we stopped was at some giant termite mounds, which Ben insisted on climbing.We drove to some waterfalls which were a bit crowded so we headed to the next ones, Florence Falls.These were really spectacular, but had a big climb down to them.We went for a bit of a swim and I spent most of my time fascinated with a frog Ben found hiding in the rocks.The frog ended up jumping onto my face and I swam with him on my forehead back to the shore, which amused all the other people swimming in the waterfall no end.

We hiked up back to the car and then went and visited Wangi falls which were even more beautiful than Florence falls, although unfortunately we couldn't swim in them as there are Saltwater Crocodiles in the pool....beautiful but deadly.We had a bit of a break and some lunch at Litchfield (where I ate the single worst Pastie of my life!) and then moved on to Berry Springs.

We drove for about an hour back towards Darwin and got to Berry Springs which was really pretty, it was a big pool with strange turquoise water which we went swimming in.After Berry Springs we headed back to Darwin and went for a walk down to the private beach striped owned by the hotel.

We went and had dinner in town at Wisdom and the was a very friendly possum in the tree who almost ate out of Bens hand.I also ate a crocodile skewer, it was really nice actually, tastes like chicken.

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