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Williams, Arizona

The road trip continues….

This morning was a very early start, up at 5am and leaving Las Vegas, we made a quick stop for "gas" and breakfast at a service station. The food at service stations here is surprisingly good, I had a sausage and egg muffin it was amazing.

We drove for about forty five minutes until we reached Hoover Dam, when we arrived we went through an extensive security check where I had to get out of the car and stand behind a line while Darren opened all the doors, engine bay and boot for the security officers to inspect.

We drove across the dam and parked the car. The dam was really spectacular and the water level was really low leaving a white stain on all the cliffs around it. While we were crossing the dam we crossed the state line from Nevada into Arizona. Darren and I took pictures with the sign.

There were lots of hats in the well of the dam, Darren found that very amusing. The dam holds back Lake Mead and as we watched the sun come up it turned parts of the water into fire. There was a point on the bridge where you could stand with one foot in Nevada and one foot in Arizona, so of course we took pictures doing that.

We left Lake Mead and Hoover Dam behind us and drove to the west rim of the Grand Canyon to do the Sky Walk. However, when we got there, you had to do a tour which took all day and cost $75.00, we weren't interested in wasting the time or money so we reluctantly went on our way to Williams, Arizona, our stop for the night on Route 66.

That sounds a lot simpler than it actually was, especially as the Sat Nav decided to take us back the way we already came and then in a big circle via I40 instead of just driving down the road we were already on and taking us straight to Route 66. This rubbish added about two hours to our travel time, I knew what it was doing but couldn't make it go the way I wanted to and when I told Darren to just drive East on route 66 he wasn't comfortable with that so we continued to go the long (stupid) way.

After managing to get onto Route 66 for about 3 miles we were at out stop for the night. We decided we needed lunch and we couldn't be bothered trying to find anything so we had KFC, which seemed to have a lot of Mexican food on the menu.

We were supposed to visit the Grand Canyon National Park today, but we decided to visit the town of Sedona as it was in a different direction and would save us some time tomorrow. The town was about 50 miles down the road, along a spectacular snowy road, which Darren loved. We saw some amazing rock formations and the town looked like something out of the old west.

It was getting dark on the way back to Williams and the road back was dimly lit, with bare white tress and a bit of snow around, with a little river running beside the road, it reminded me of a scene right out of Sleepy Hollow. Creepy.

We arrived back at the hotel, The Lodge on Route 66 and checked in, we spent what was left of the day not doing very much at all in our cosy little room.

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