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Las Vegas, Nevada

Viva Las Vegas! What am I saying? I spent the entire first morning here doing laundry. Oh well it needed to be done and it's not like there's much to do here during the day. We also went to Walmart to get some supplies, no freaks at this one though.

We spent a fair bit of time at the Luxor, which we are staying at in a suite in the pyramid, we have a huge bed and a great view as well as a bath tub in the bedroom next to the window. The Luxor is an amazing feat of engineering. It has elevators which operated diagonally,

which gave Darren a bit of a fright. The pyramid is almost completely hollow and has rooms around the edges of each side. When I went and had a look at it last year I thought they were just lights.

A bit later on we went out and got bus tickets and went up and down the strip looking at the hotels, Darren was impressed by the Gondolas going through the Venetian. We had a great dinner at the Harley Davidson Café, I had ribs and chicken, it was the most

amazing chicken. The café was really cool, with a big American flag which was made of painted chains, it also had bikes on the ceiling.

After dinner we went and had a look at Caesars Palace, which I was a little disappointed not to be staying at after my last experience there. Darren really liked it and I think would like to stay there if we go back. We watched the dancing fountains at the Bellagio, which danced to the same music as when I was there in March last year.

When the fountains had finished we walked back down the strip to "Fat Burger" and I got a cowboy boot full of frozen dacquri and Darren got a light up glass full of electric lemonade.

The next day was a bit more full on, it started with an amazing buffet at the Luxor followed by being picked up in a military style Humvee to go and shoot some guns at Battlefield Vegas. It was fun riding in the oversized military vehicle, although it was a bit drafty because its original doors had been replaced with plastic.

Darren got the Black ops package and I picked my own guns and got them to make up a package just for me. Darren really enjoyed shooting his big guns, it was great to see that amount of excitement on his face.

The first gun I had a go with was the Glock 17 handgun, which of course I had shot before in Latvia in the bunker with the crazy Russian. It was cool to shoot that one again but nothing overly exciting.

My next customer was a Luger, an original that had been made in 1916 and used in both World Wars. It was exhilarating to know I was shooting a gun that had been in the hands of a Nazi. It was the smallest of my four guns, but its kickback was the same as the Glock and they both took the same ammo.

The Uzi was next and this one was my favourite, it just seemed to sit right on my shoulder and it basically had no kick back at all. I was a bit scared when the guy said it was full auto with no single shot, but it actually turned out to be the least worrying and definitely the most fun.

My final gun, was the Desert Eagle 5.0, where do I begin with this one? The Israeli made, second most powerful handgun in the world, designed to stop cars in the hands of Kristina Wilson. It was a huge hand gun and really heavy, I locked up my arms and gently squeezed the trigger. Boom!!!! The gun nearly knocked me off my feet and probably sprained my wrist. That was it for me, I couldn't fire it again it was just too powerful, but I am glad I got to have a go with Dean Winchester's gun although I now know there is no possible way he could have ever fired it with one hand.

Darren shot the rest of my Desert Eagle rounds and then we took pictures with some of the other guns, including a mini gun which shoots 1000 rounds per second! Darren also had his picture taken in a Huey and I had a look at their collection of tanks which you can pay $3000 to crush a car with.

After our gun experience, we went to have a look at the "Zombie Apocalypse" store which turned out to be much more legit than I expected. It was almost like these people expected that there was actually a chance of a zombie take over.

As we were already in the car we decided to go down and take pictures with the Las Vegas sign which we basically had al to ourselves. We went up to Fremont Street and had lunch at Denny's and I had the most awesome chicken burger.

We got back to the Luxor and went and saw the "Titanic" exhibition, it was $30.00 to get in which I did think was a cheeky but it did turn out to be worth it. They had reproductions of the promenade deck and the grand staircase, as well as all the staterooms. They had a huge chunk of ice which you could touch and a sign saying the waters of the Atlantic were colder than this ice that I couldn't even put my hands on for ten seconds. I felt so sorry for all those people that had perished in the freezing waters in the dark while waiting to be rescued.

The best part of the exhibit was that they had a huge chunk of the ship and some footage on how they managed to bring it up from 2.5 miles beneath the ocean. I couldn't believe I was looking at a chunk of the actual ship.

When we had finished at the exhibit we had to rush over to The Neon Boneyard for our night tour. We got to see lots of old neon signs from around Las Vegas including the old "Sahara" sign that used to be on the building that is now the SLS and the skull from outside Treasure Island from when it was family friendly. It was a really interesting and informative tour.

When the tour was over we went and had a quick look around Fremont Street, Darren was amused by the newly opened "D Hotel" and we saw all the really old school signs like Vegas Vick and the Golden Nugget. We decided to have somewhat of an early night as we are back to road tripping tomorrow bright an early.

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