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Delta Airlines

Home Port: Dallas

Airline code: DL


Rating: 4 Stars

Flown: Short & Long haul

I've recently increased my rating on Delta, as I finally got to fly with them long haul and found them really pleasant. Like most US carriers they don’t serve food or drink (besides water) unless you pay for it on board on short haul. The seats are comfortable enough for short haul and they’ve never lost my luggage, despite the acronym we made up for them at one of the travel agencies I once worked at: Do not Expect Luggage To Arrive.

While it’s an airline that does the job, they do have one feature that is particularly annoying. They allow priority boarding which passengers can pay for. They seat these people at the front of the plane and then let them on first, which of course means everyone else gets stuck behind them, when only one door of the aircraft is being used. The annoyance is compounded by their rather rude flight attendants who yell down the aisle for people to “move it” and get settled, when it is their stupid policy that makes it difficult for them to get away on time.

Long haul I found Delta exceptional, the drink service was very generous and they had Jack Daniels, which they still serve in the little old school bottles. The food was great and enough choices to keep everyone happy. The only annoyance, and this is only because I work in the industry is that they continue to allow people to board right up until take off.