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Pink's Hot Dogs - Hollywood California


709 N La Brea Ave,

Los Angeles, CA 90039


Price: Around $ 8USD

Rating: 4 Stars

Experience: Traditional - it's a bit like a food truck

Details: Famous throughout the USA and the world as the place with hot dogs named after the stars. The original Pink’s is on La Brea Avenue, and it’s just a stand kind of like a trailer. They have an extensive menu and a place inside for a few people to sit, the walls are

covered in autographed picture of the stars. They open quite early in the morning and they close at 2am, so you can get your fix almost anytime.

The food is great, some hot dog combinations you never thought would work, actually kind of do, like mushrooms, surprisingly awesome. Be prepared to line up, as with all good places to eat you know it’s good when there’s a line up and people are prepared to wait. There is limited parking around the back, it’s also on the hop on hop off sightseeing tour.

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