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The Peppermill


2707 S Virginia St, Reno,

NV 89502, United States


Rating: 5 Stars

Location: A bit of a walk to downtown Reno, but worth the effort

Nearby: Downtown Reno

Details: The Peppermill Resort & Casino is probably Reno's biggest, brightest and newest place to stay, most other hotels look like they haven't been touched since the lat 70's which although gives them their own charm, means it's hard to find a hotel that's not a bit on the dated side. If you want something new and sparkly, the Peppermill is for you. It is very luxurious and actually for me, the room (Tuscan Suite) rivaled the one I was given at Caesar's Palace on the same trip. Absolutely huge bathroom and again two king size beds, with a view overlooking the magnificent pool area.

The location isn't fantastic, but I've given it 5 stars anyway, as it's worth a bit of a walk into down town Reno for the pleasure of staying here and the fact that there really isn't anything of the same calibre in town.