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The Luxor


3900 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas,

NV 89119, United States


Rating: 3 Stars

Location: Right down the south end of the strip

Nearby: The Las Vegas Sign - South end shopping outlets

Details: This was a hotel I didn't pick for myself, I let Darren pick this one, as my chosen hotel (Caesar's Palace) was sold out

for this particular trip. Clearly Darren enjoys novelty and this is what this place says about people who stay there, Darren wanted to stay in a pyramid and stay in a pyramid we did, I guess I didn't mind staying there, due to my whole Egyptology thing. The Sphinx out the front of the place is actually bigger than the one in Giza and the pyramid emits a kind of jet of light, kind of like a bat signal at night, which is pretty cool.

When we checked in, we were asked to pay a resort fee, which include pretty much nothing and then asked if we would like to upgrade for an additional $130, now given my upgrade experience at Caesar's Palace, expectations were high on the suite we were being upgraded to. It actually turned out to be just a bigger room, with sparse furnishings. Bit of a let down really.

Overall, the place is quite dated and in badly in need of a full renovation. The casino is nice or would have been nice if it hadn't felt like a proper Egyptian market place with people quite aggressively pushing you to see shows, even as we were wheeling out bags to the check in desk! It's biggest claim to fame is it actually possesses the worlds only horizontal elevator, which takes you up to the rooms in the pyramid. How could that not be cool?

They have some pretty good shows and attractions, we went and saw the Titanic exhibtion,which actually had a large chunk of the original ship on display.