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1313 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim,

CA 92802, United States


Cost: $95 - $119 per day depending on the date, you can also buy multi day passes. Each day is cheaper the more days you buy.

How to get there: If you’re staying in Anaheim your hotel will usually have a shuttle you can make use of, from LA it’s a bit more complicated. You will need to get the train from the main train station, which then goes through some rather nasty areas. My advised is to book a transfer out to DisneyLand, by far the easiest way if you don’t want to stay out in Anaheim.

Highlights: Splash Mountain (by far my favourite ride), Thunder Mountain Rail Road, Mad Tea Party (Iconic Spinning Tea Cups), the Matterhorn…the list just goes on.

Must do: Eat a Mickey shaped pretzel with cheese sauce - find your laughin place and get soaked on Splash Mountain

What is there to day about the happiest place on Earth? That may be the slogan and whether you’re 5 or 50 it really is a wonderful place. I’ve been both as a kid and as an adult and let me tell you as an eleven year old, standing outside the gates waiting for the place to open, with “When you wish upon a star” playing, well as a kid, it doesn’t get any better than that. Walking around getting all the Disney characters autographs, having my brother break a giant lolly pop and the attendant, just telling him to “smile and don’t worry” was amazing, not to mention the fact that he also lost his wallet, which was handed in to the lost and found, with the little bit of pocket money he had saved for his trip still in it.

I remember riding Splash Mountain with my Dad, bacuase Mum and my brother were too scared and waiting in line for about 2.5 hours and smiling the whole time, and then screaming when the long flume ride plunged down into the water…and getting soaked. I remember my Dad screaming on Space Mountain and Mum and I laughing at him…all in all a magical place to take your kids.

I went back as an adult in 2015 and it hadn’t changed much, I took my partner who hadn’t been as a kid and it was just as magical an experience for him at 40 as it was for me at 11. Splash Mountain was still going and if I thought I got wet in 1993, I got even wetter sitting in the front in 2015!

All in all, I feel DisneyLand is an experience that everyone should have at least once in their life.