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Calico Ghost Town


San Bernadino County


Cost: $8

How to get there: It's kind of on the way from LA to Vegas, there is no public transport and it is only accessible by car.

Highlights: Being out in the middle of nowhere

Must do: If you have a black and white feature on your camera and its as deserted as it was when we were there (that is after the bus load of Chinese tourists had left after spending 5 minutes here), walk around and take grumpy old western style photos.

It's a hike and certainly not somewhere I would head out of my way to see, it just happened to be kind of on the way to Vegas and did make for an interesting stop. We did think we were visiting a real old ghost town, however the dead give away that it's now a bit of a tourist trap is the fact that you have to pay to get in, not to mention it has it's own website.

It did used to be a real town, so despite the occasional Chinese tourist, you are actually looking at an old west silver mining town that really is in the middle of nowhere. There are a few scattered shops through out the complex, selling trinkets and souvenirs and lots of cool photo opportunities.