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Silk Road Compendium

Herein contains a series of blogs about one of the World's 7 Epic Journeys. This is a detailed account of how to cross one of the oldest trade routes on the planet in today's modern age. When the route was first founded, it took two years to cross on a camel, however now it can be done in just under a month - with many different paths and stops along the way, where will the Silk Road take you?

Norway blog

Guest blog:

A place where not many young travellers venture to, yet once you go, you remain grateful that it is a place yet untouched by a high influx of tourists, and that you can experience the true beauty that Norway has to offer without having to push through crowds or to wait in line for hours.

Tour Leading

The life of a tour leader. Yes. It is awesome, but sometime it is challenging and downright scary. It can be hard to pick a good company to work for and deal with difficult clients every single day. This blog will give you a good idea as to whether the job is for you. If you're convinced after reading move onto - How to become a tour leader.

Is cruising for you

Cruising? It's clearly not for everyone. This article will help you to determine if its a trip you want to take or a trip you really don't.

8 things to do in Samarkand

Samarkand. City of Legend. Although these days most people have probably never heard of it. It’s in Uzbekistan, which in all fairness a lot of people haven’t heard of either. Samarkand was founded by the Sogdians, sometime between the 7th & 8th Centuries BC. It profited from it’s prime location on the Silk Road, and all sorts of things have been traded in its bazaar (still open today).

Chinese Trains

Trying to catch a train in China can be a somewhat daunting experience, from the preparation, to getting a ticket and even to get getting a meal onboard. In a country where there is often little to no English spoken, and miles of red tape to deal with, catching a long-distance train seems like a veritable nightmare at times. I’m hoping this article will make things a little bit easier.

Italy: Behind the Scenes

Guest blog:

When people hear the word “Italy” they think pasta, lasagne, wine and a bunch of old buildings. Maybe. Some people may not even know that much. But Italy is definitely more than just a few plates of pasta.

Life is short. Life is beautiful.

Egyptian ChronologyFeeling a little confused as you walk through all the ruins on what's, what and what relevance it has? Why not print out this quick guide to help you out, written by a qualified Egyptologist. (Yours truely of course


Traveling. It always produces a good story. This is a collection of some of the craziest of mine. Some of them are laughable, some unbelieable and some are down right dangerous and terrifying. One thing is for sure and that is ALL of them made me feel alive and I wouldn't be who I am today with out the experiences I've had on the road.

Things to do in Turkey

With the danger of the state of emergency past, very few visitors to Turkey and the very favourable exchange rate between the USD/AUD & the Turkish Lira there has never been a better time to visit Turkey.This is a place very close to my heart, after all I used to live there, and it was where I landed my very first tour leading job.These are some of my top recommendations.

Eating Safe - A guide to safe eating and dietary requirements on the silk road journey

While you shouldn’t let your dietary needs dissuade you from taking this incredible journey, I’m not going to sit here and tell you, “it’s all good” because it most certainly isn’t. This is an area of the world where you will have trouble trying to meet certain dietary requirements. I’ve designed this blog to offer practical information about safe eating while on this amazing journey.

How to become a tour leader

Your job is awesome! Do you get paid to be on holidays?! How do I get a job like that? I’ve had a few people ask me how to go about getting a job as a tour leader, so I’ve finally decided to write a blog about it. Before reading any further, I strongly suggest reading the accompanying blog –Is tour leading for you? I don’t want to put you off and yes it is an awesome job, but there are things you need to know before progressing any further.

Egypt: The Road Less Traveled

Egypt. The Pyramids. The reason most tourists visit this stunning country, however if you’re like me and want to travel to some of the lesser known sights in this spectacular country I’ve compiled a list of some of the best ones to visit. The may take a little more time and effort, but trust me they are well worth it.

Mosocw Metro Guide

Trust me read this before you even attempt it. My first experience coming in from the airport on this metro was to get lost for 2 hours!

Egypt TodayEgypt. It’s a place that evokes a romantic kind of curiosity in most
travelers, or indeed most anyone. It also a place that right now,
most people wouldn’t consider traveling to, at the moment Trust me, it’s
a great time to go, with the reduced tourist numbers, it’s the only
time you will be able to get that picture-perfect shot of the Pyramids
with out another soul in it. How’s that for an Instagram shot!


In New York City? Missed out on getting Jimmy Fallon tickets before you go? Never fear this guide will help you figure out the standby process and help you calculate your chances of getting in.